Why did I start this blog?

“My name is Todd … and I am an agile-holic”

I have spent the better part of the past ten years on a personal mission:

“I have had a drive to help government realize that working in a more agile manner to develop software simply makes sense and become a leader in public service who truly thinks differently about how I approach people and problems harnessing the ideas of agility, lean and the power of individuals and teams”.

What set me on this mission?

I spent a large amount of my career working in software in various business domains and found myself in tihe same situation. Products often got delivered but the end result was that the people who delivered them usually came out the other end demoralized, deflated and less engaged with the business for which they worked. What usually started as a high level of excitement, ended in complaints, turnover and frustration for many. I heard time and time again (and often thought it myself) “the customer does not know how to identify what they want so we can build it”.

Being the avid thinker I am, I one day came across the idea of scrum and its supporting document, the agile manifesto. The simple precepts that were outlined in these documents resonated for me. I saw a better path to building products. I was hooked. This small “hook” into a more agile mindset, helped me broaden my horizons to lots of agile approaches, including how I could become a more agile leader in general.

One of my strengths (or weaknesses depending on the point of view) is I am a staunch idealist. I strive to seek what is right. I am a thinker and constantly turn ideas over in my head to evaluate them. This can be a blessing as it allows me to broaden my thoughts but can be an obstacle as one has to separate the true signal from the noise of all that information.

I feel I am coming to a clarity of my thoughts and opinions on things that are meaningful to me and as a result, felt it time in my life to begin sharing for those coming after me to expand, grow and create that next thing that I can marvel at like a kid in a toy store at Christmas.

I want to share the thoughts of people that I respect and how they have affected me with their message as well as share my personal thoughts and journey as I try to be a ripple in the pond of the world.

My goal is foremost learning and continual improvement through expressing these ideas out loud but my hope is that there is someone like me that feels that there is something better in their world that they want to be the catalyst of change and I can help them find it by suggesting those things that have made a difference for me.

I tweeted something early this morning over coffee that I really thought of as a good first step. One of the quotes in my About page is from the leader Ghandi which I amended to say (in reference to being a leader):

“If you cannot be the change you want to see in the world, at least do not become its impediment”.

If you truly open your mind, nothing is impossible.


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