Recommended Read

Been catching up from a small amount of time off and had not gotten a solid idea for my next post. I have been spending my time reading a book that is very inspiring and wanted to share. Creativity, Inc.

This is a book by Ed Catmull, the president of animation at Pixar. It contains some history of the company and how they came to be including some of Catmull’s own beginnings to see animation be done through computer form (and outlines a lot of advances that he made himself to that process before Pixar).

But more important than this it explores two core ideas:

  1. What does a leader do when they reach the pinnacle of the initial thing they set out to do? We all know this can often take the wind out of our sails and we begin to feel lost once we feel we reached a crescendo. He openly explores that following the success of the first Toy Story movie.
  2. He discusses how the Pixar culture was created with intention and why they do things the way they do and explores many obstacles that anyone in any creative capacity face.

This book definitely uses creative domains as the basis of its ideas but once you begin to dig into the portions where ideas are explored past the history, you can see many themes that could be applied in any organization, creative or not. Just makes sense that the author would draw examples from direct experience in the animation industry. But he does a wonderful job of turning these ideas over so they can inspire thinking of what aspects could be used in any organization or subjects that allow you to reflect on how your organization works today.

I am almost finished with the book and have balanced it between the audio version and the paperback itself. Usually listening when I am driving or need some thinking space and referencing the paperback to reinforce some ideas that significantly catch my interest. I will say that my paperback may be a bit dog-eared by the end as there is so many thought provoking ideas and lessons learned throughout this work.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is leading an organization and consciously thinking of how to create a culture as a driving factor.

I have several posts in various states in the hopper, trying to get back to a regular flow of ideas but just taking some time to invest in my own thinking!



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