Driving your Outcomes

If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome. – Michael Jordan

This won’t be a long post but I have been reading Jon Gordon’s “The Energy Bus” lately (he has a lot of good short lesson driven books) and came across a passage that really made me think.

In the book, the “teacher” (in this case a bus driver named Joy) postulates the following formula:

E + P + R = O

This formula is “Events plus our perception coupled with our reaction creates the outcome”. Let that sink in for a moment.

Events happen and we often cannot control that they occur. Cars break down, people get sick, the Sith make a comeback (sorry for the  Star Wars reference). But most times, an event is outside the scope of our direct control. But what we do actually control are our perceptions of the event (why it happened, the severity of the impact) and how we react accordingly (negatively or positively). These variables lead to what outcome gets produced.

I really thought about this a lot and applied it to situations in which past negative events became negative outcomes through my perception and reaction and the inverse in which taking a bad situation and making it into an opportunity through my perception and reaction to it. Or how even in the face of a difficult event, my reaction can actually impact the reaction of those around me.

Does this mean, I can logically pull this formula out every time I am presented with an event? Probably not. However, it gives me one more tool in my toolbox to stop and use when I encounter a situation. I realized that if I approach an event with a negative perception and therefore react negatively, I am probably going to get back the same kind of energy I put out as a result.

So, base logic seems to be that if I manage my perception and find the most positive reaction to the challenge, that I may just radiate positive energy behind the event or at least moderate my response, especially in the face of negative reactions around me.

So, the next time we find ourselves in a situational event, maybe we can take a moment, a breath, a second to internally reflect and then allow a controlled reaction (the thing we can control) to take shape and be expressed. It may result in an amazing outcome! 😀


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