Draw How to make Toast

Just a quick redirect to something I have stumbled across and found fascinating and wanted to share. This approach is an introduction to systems thinking and what they call “Wicked Problem Solving”. This is another approach from Tom Wujec who outlined another team approach to iterative innovation in the Marshmallow Challenge Website.

I just found this a very interesting way to get to core problems to solve for a group. Check it out:  Draw How to Make Toast Website .

Hope this gives you another tool in your agile toolbox to do great things!

The Name Game

In a training I attended on agility some time ago we performed an exercise called the “Name Game” which was targeted to show the value of team focus. I came across this post of an extended version of the exercise from the folks at LitheSpeed and wanted to share it.

I will definitely put this in my personal agility toolbox!

Details at their blog here.